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The project has gone well and its thank to some great colleagues and friends.

Kumelachew is a church scholar and ecumenist, who set up the church leaders AIDS agency mentioned below.  He’s accompanied around many churches and helped me understand the mysteries of he Orthodox church.  He is pictured here with his wife Kassanesh and their daughters Lidia and Selamawit, and myself as we share a beer and pizza on our last day together.

Mulugeta Gebru is director of Partners for Change/JeCCDO.  He has been a constant support and valued colleague over many years.  He arranged for me to visit some of the project areas and to meet a wide variety of people.

Ralph Lee directs research at the Trinity Theological College.  He’s English by nationality and a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church with a vast knowledge of the historical tradition.  As i took this picture his computer, ordered for him by the college, had just arrived.

Then there’s Ayele, who is completing a fascinating project collecting DNA samples from all 80 ethnic groups in Ethiopia in order to trace populaion movement and relationships.  He has introduced me to people around the university.  He’s with his fiancée Selam and nieces Blen and Halina.

Infinite thanks to these colleagues and friends.

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