Making a film


I’ve been with a film crew making a film about the work of Partners for Change.  It’s been fascinating to watch filmmakers at work.

The producer invited a young man who had himself been orphaned and had been brought up in one of our orphanages – in the days when we used to run them – to be the interviewer.  He was  sensitive interviewer with a history of his own.

Here he’s talking to a young boy with a tragic history.  Orphaned when his mother was murdered, a local farmer forced him to work for long hours for no money.   After a year his young aunt brought him to live with here and go to school.  However she also had a tragic story to tell, working a full week for just £12 a month. As they told their stories even the most experienced community workers were struggling to avoid breaking down in tears.

The film will be powerful viewing.  It’ll be a month or two before its finished.  Keep an eye on the Partners for Change website to catch it when its ready.

It was a real privilege to be part of such an extraordinary team.


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