Working together


I spent an afternoon at an organisation called – wait for it – the Ethiopian Network of Religious Leaders Living With Or Personally Affected By HIV/AIDS.  Quite a mouthful of a title but the aim of the organisation is simple.  They have a membership of 500 religious leaders all with a story to tell of suffering from HIV/AIDS, from 17 different cities from Orthodox, Muslim, Evangelical and Catholic faiths.  They work together to overcome stigma and prejudice and to support and care for all affected.  In a country where there is often conflict and suspicion between faiths, as wellas a big HIV/AIDS problem, this was an amazing experience.  There were over 50 at this training workshop and there was a real openness and shared commitment.  It finished with prayers led by a Muslim imam, an Orthodox priest and an Evangelical pastor.   This was a sign of hope for the future.

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