My week in Dire Dawa in the east of the country included a visit to Harar.  Harar is an old walled city, which is considered by many Muslims to be the fourth holiest city for Muslims, after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.  There over 80 mosques in the small area, including the one shown on the left which is a thousand years old.

Dire Dawa is a multi faith and multi ethnic city and is proud of its tolerance.  I spent an hour with a shaykh who leads the prayers at his mosque on Fridays; but shares in the teaching programme at the Orthodox Church, and often goes to an Evangelical Church on Sundays.  He considers the development work done by sgencies like Partners for Change as holy works.  He told me that if you discriminate against other faiths, you are really discriminating against your own faith.

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  1. Yonas Tesfahun says:

    I enjoyed your comment about your travel experiance in Dire Dawa – Ethiopia and more importantly i am happy you posted the message from the sheyk that reads “if you act against the faith of others then you are acting against yourself.”

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