I was delighted when  Kassanesh invited me to a zikir.  This is  monthly meal in honour of a saint.  Thirteen women are in this zikir and they take it in turns to host the gathering.  Its really for the members only but her husband Kumelachew and I were included on this occasion.  She had cooked food and brewed beer.  First she served the food to us all.  Then they each an agreed amount of money into a shared account o support any members in need.  Then came prayers and a special shared plate of food which Is shared together –  on right above.  Then the icon, the common cup, and the plated, are taken in solemn procession with candles and umbrella to the home of next month’s host.   the rest of the day friends and neighbours called in and all were offered food. There are many of these zikirs and most are under the guidance of the church.

Tthey build up  sense of community based on the church and they can also be a place where new initiatives such as a building repair programme can be launched and organise.

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