A walk in Zege


I’m very grateful to Dr Tom Boylston, an anthropologist from London School of Economics who guided me on a two day walk around Zege where he has been working.  Zege is a thickly wooded peninsula protruding in to the vast Lake Tana.  It consists mainly coffee trees and we walked along narrow pathways connecting isolated houses deep in the woods and we met some wonderful people.  There are about eight very old and famous churches and monasteries and its a big Christian site.  However I chose this picture of the centre of the market town – with not a church  but a tall mosque still under construction.  This seems to me to present the concerns of the Muslim community.  Ethiopia has a strong Christian history and identity.  Muslims want to affirm their place in society alongside Christians and building imposing mosques is one way of doing it.  All Christians and Muslims I have spoken to affirm the good relationships between the communities.

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